Currently Playing: mTw Legendary Cup – powered by Thermaltake

mTw Legendary Cup – powered by Thermaltake

At the beginning of the year, we started the comeback of mTw in the competitive scene. Representing all four races in our Squad with HawK, Cash, Check and Lucifer, we are now ready to participate in the upcoming tournaments!


But we don’t want just participate in tournaments. We want to push the whole WC3 scene forward! For this reason, we are proud to announce that we organize the “mTw WC3 Legendary Cup – powered by Thermaltake“. All of you get the opportunity to claim a slot for our offline tournament in our studio in Berlin on April 6th and 7th and fight for the prize pool of 5.000,- EUR!


Next to the price pool, we also offer a travel package for each qualified player and pay up to 750,- EUR per person for their travel costs as well as the Accommodation and meals during the event. The event will consist of our four invited mTw players as well as the four lucky ones winning the below open qualifier events! The whole tournament will be casted by back2warcraft.


Prize pool contribution:


  1. – 2.000 €
  2. – 1.000 €
  3. – 500 €
  4. – 500 €
  5. – 250 €
  6. – 250 €
  7. – 250 €
  8. – 250 €


For those interested in competing, our Legendary Cup competition dates will be the following. Just click the link of the Qualifier and you get to the registration:


Open Qualifier #1: March 15th, 18.00 CET
Open Qualifier #2: March 17th, 14.00 CET
Open Qualifier #3: March 22nd, 18.00 CET
Open Qualifier #4: March 24th, 14.00 CET


The Winner of every Open Qualifier gets an Invitation Slot to our Offline Event. The Offline Event will take part in Berlin on the 6th and 7th of April. Description of Invitation Slot offer is available in the Rulebook


Many thanks to Ivan ‘hundredkg’ Glazkin for all your support!!!


Let the games begin!




Statement by mTw-Tak3r:


“Who would have thought that after just three months of relaunching mTw with our new WC3 Squad, we would now be in the position to host a major Offline event with a great prize pool? I am personally very excited about it and glad that we were able to pull this off thanks to our partner and hard work of our team to organize this event. Now let’s have some exciting online qualifiers to find the remaining four players to compete against our mTw guys and I am very much looking forward to see everyone in Berlin!”


Statement by Neo (B2W):


“This event is a dream come true and one of the many reasons why mTw is so important for the scene outside of China. We casted the last European offline-event in Berlin and at GamesCom and it fills us with pride that mTw chose us to be able to get an experience like that again. Offline events are always special, we celebrated them in China and the US many times recently… but now it’s our continent, our home, our job to give you the best entertainment possible!
Can’t wait to meet Warcraft enthusiasts in person and to start the spring with a big bang!”


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